About us

Our Story

iNet4u began back in 2010. After years of trying out various hosting providors myself and not always recieving the service expected I decided to setup a hosting service myself.
Firsly it was based around a cheap reseller package I purchased off Ebay, but after a few months of not so good service I realised these resellers could not reliably provide the services I wanted for my customers, so in 2012 I made the brave move and set up my own server providing cpanel web hosting... this went well and over the years has provided myself and customers a service that I was proud to provide. Around this time I also decided to set up servers to provide radio streaming services, this has been over the years a rollercoaster ride to maintain reliable radio servers, but after lots of ups and downs I am now proud that I have created a reliable server network for our Web hosting and Radio streaming services.

Web Hosting

From the start of iNET4u our Web hosting has always been run on the well renowned cPanel platform, but recently cPanel has dropped a bombshell on its customers with a price hike of over 300% for its services. This has had an impact within the hosting industry, especially small providers like iNET4u.

The cPanel price hike made us think about how we provide services and what the next step would be as we couldn't afford the price hike cPanel had imposed.

This is were our New Hosting platform was born, and with the help from some high end companies with over 20 years of experiance within the hosting industry we have said Goodbye to cPanel and launched our own bespoke web hosting platform running on a proprietary autoscaling cloud platform. This ensures all our customers get a great reliable hosting experiance with an easy to use control platform.

Radio Streaming

iNET4u is now one of the leading providers of radio streaming servers and online radio solutions, we provide everything you need to setup an Internet radio station!

  • We keep our servers updated and secure against security vulnerabilities and exploits.
  • We only use the best servers.
  • All our Radio servers run Centova Cast
  • Sign up with us and as soon as you make a successful payment, your radio server will be activated immediately.

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