What is the difference between cPanel and WHM ?

WHM (WebHost Manager) provides administrative control over your dedicated server or VPS. It allows a hosting provider to manage a customer’s account.

WHM is also a reseller control panel. It is what our customers receive with all Reseller hosting plans and use to manage all their resold hosting accounts in their reseller plans.
However, a reseller has restricted reseller rights in WHM comparing to VPS and Dedicated Servers WHM (root user rights), so some functions are not available for them: 

In WHM, you can: 

  • create individual accounts 
  • create custom hosting packages 
  • add domains to the server 
  • manage features of hosting packages and accounts 
  • reset passwords/contact email addresses for cPanel accounts 
  • edit Resource Limits for cPanel accounts 
  • modify DNS zone records for each domain/subdomain 
  • set up private nameservers on the server 
  • access resold accounts without entering login details 
  • perform basic system and control panel maintenance

cPanel is designed for managing separate hosting accounts on the server. End users/clients are able to: 

  • install CMS using Softaculous 
  • upload and manage files for their websites 
  • add/remove addon domains and subdomains 
  • create email accounts and manage email settings and SPAM protection 
  • edit DNS records for their domains 
  • check website statistics
  • manage databases and backups, etc.

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