My website is down: what can I do?

At some point, you might find that your website is not working after the latest changes made or for no obvious reason.

To resolve this you can always get in touch with us by opening a Live Chat with our agents for the prompt assistance or by submitting a support ticket from our website.
But if you are of the curious type and would like to get a better understanding of how things work and how to fix them yourself read the articles below.

The most common 'website down' cases and ways to resolve them can be found here:

  • Server Not Found, Website Unavailable 
  • Server connection timed out, the connection was reset 
  • 500 Internal Server Error 
  • 508 Resource Limit is Reached
  • 403 Forbidden 
  • White blank page

Server Not Found, Website Unavailable

Does the website work in other browsers?

If the website does not come up in various browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.), try checking it with or different proxy services:

If some of your browsers display the website and some don’t, the browser cache is probably to blame.

Works in online proxies but not in your browsers?

Most likely, the issue is related to the DNS propagation. It is caused by the domain’s DNS zone change and may take up to 24-72 hours to be completed. This is a fully independent process which includes updating of servers’ DNS caches all over the world. That is why it may take so much time. 

The propagation process is performed automatically, and it cannot be influenced, unfortunately. 

While waiting, you can also try clearing the computer DNS and browser cache and checking the website again. 

Do not want to wait? Go ahead and edit the local hosts file to bypass the DNS propagation forcing the domain to be resolved directly onto the server. 

Does not work in other browsers, proxies, devices?

Check if your domain is correctly pointed to the server. 

If it is and DNS propagation has passed long time ago, global issues on the server your domain is hosted on might be taking place. These issues may be caused by a scheduled or an unscheduled maintenance, software update or temporary technical issues. 

The best way to find out if there are any global issues is to check the our status page. 

Look through the recent posts and find if any of them is related to your server. When found, latest updates and ETA on the handling can be found below the post. 

If no status post is found, most likely the issue is not a global one and needs further investigation. 

Neither cPanel is accessible, nor can you check mail?

Your external IP may be blocked by the server firewall. 

Errors in this case are Server connection timed out or The connection was reset

If you have any of these issues contact our support team so we can check the reason of the block and advise on troubleshooting.

When contacting us, be ready to provide your domain name, cPanel username and external IP address ( 

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