Following recent updates to the Google Chrome web browser, we have had reports that Google now automatically changes all audio (and video) links to HTTPS. This means any page which is served over HTTPS (if your website is SSL enabled) will now not play any http streams.

In the past this was not a problem as Google Chrome would allow you to serve HTTP audio (non-secure) content but it would show a ‘mixed content’ error while still allowing the stream to play. Following the recent update, it will force the HTTP audio stream to HTTPS meaning that most audio streams will now completely fail to load. There is a way to overcome this issue by securing your stream and iNET4u is now able to offer this service to all our customers,
(we can provide a secure stream even if we don’t host your stream)
Our Secure stream service is now set up and gives you a new secure link that can be used with any player you add to your site and stop the (non-secure) error messages on your website.



HTTPS Secure Servers for Shoutcast & Icecast 

Get your radio stream HTTPS enabled.

(Not required for Sonicpanel)

The Best Servers

  • We keep our servers updated and Secure against security vulnerabilities and exploits. Why take the risk?
  • All servers are deployed on enterprise-grade hardware with no overcrowding nor over usage.
  • All servers comes with its own easy to use yet powerful control panel to navigate all the services at ease.

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